I have spent hundreds of dollars on my feet including orthotics, dozens of insoles, special shoes, and doctor's care. My feet still hurt. I tried Happy Feet Massaging Insoles after a friend recommended them. I instantly became a believer.My feet no longer hurt even after long days on a concrete floor. I've been wearing them now for about 3 years and could not get through a day without them. Thank you Happy Feet!

V. P.  12/05

I purchased my Happy Feet Massaging Insoles in Orlando, on January 2005. The sales person indicated I would find relief from my plantar fasciitis in 4-6 weeks. Not only did I find relief, but I found walking to be enjoyable again. More importantly, I took the insoles with me in June to China for a long trip, which included a climb up the Great Wall in Beijing. Without Happy Feet  I would have never made it up the climb. The investment is worth it and the insoles do deliver as prescribed.


 "I gotta tell you I love these Happy Feet Massaging Insoles. They feel like you are walking on little cushions. I want another pair so I can keep one for the tennis shoes and one for the boots. I had them in my tennis shoes this morning and wore boots today so I could wear them today. Usually at this time with all the walking around I do they would be hurting but they are not. These are Great!!! And my feet were happier than they normally would have been in the same shoes all day long. Thanks Happy Feet!!!!"

S. B.
Boca Raton FL


  B. K.
  USPS Rural Carrier

"The first time I wore Happy Feet Massaging Insoles I was at work in the hospital, which means 8 hours of nonstop walking to each patient's room and up/down three flights of stairs. I was delighted at how comfortable they felt on my feet. They actually felt like a foot massage with each step I took. I know as a therapist that back injuries can and do result from poor posture and body mechanics. Our bodies must compensate and eventually we feel pain in our feet, legs and lower back. Happy Feet Massaging Insoles will help to reduce fatigue and stress on my feet legs and lower back so that I can avoid low back pain that is so common. I highly recommend Happy Feet to anyone who must walk while at work. Your feet will thank you!"

R. M.