Doctor's Test Results

Doctor's Test Results


November 2003 - There is relief for those tired aching feet at work. Have you ever spent all day on a hard floor and end up going home with sore feet, or body that wants to be soaked all night? There is a study that proves there is hope for your aching  feet. "Happy Feet Massaging Insoles" prove their value to help alleviate back, knee and foot pain on the job.

Prime Time Services has just concluded a study with the support and interest of the United States Postal Service that shows there is a REMEDY to sore feet on the job.

A two month study was performed for the Postal Service at the MPA. Thirty-three (33) postal employees were enlisted to perform a clinical study in the use of dynamic insoles. (29 were employees and 4 were supervisors.) The 33 were employed in a warehouse with concrete floors. The employee's jobs required lifting and moving mail within the warehouse. Rubber mats were available in some areas for the employees to stand on while performing their assigned tasks.

The total painful conditions, as reported by the thirty-three employees at the beginning of the study, were as follows:

8 No Pain

11 Foot Pain

15 Back Pain

4 Knee Pain

1 Lower Leg Pain

1 Restless Leg Syndrome

1 Morton's Neuroma

1 Plantar Fascitis

A reporting scale of 0-10 was used to evaluate subjective pain levels. A report of "0" was no pain and a report of "10" was excruciating pain. The three major painful conditions are compared below.

One individual reported having initial lower leg pain at a level of 7 and at the end of the two months reported a level of 2.

This study used a dynamic insole known as "Happy Feet" to test pain reduction in people who work on concrete floors. The dynamic insole is different that a static insole. The static insole, which most purchase at a local store, employs a cushioned material to absorb and redistribute weight loads on the foot. The dynamic insole uses a fluid in a multilobulated bladder to redistribute weight on the foot. The results from the study were amazing.

Some reported feeling like they were being massaged on their feet while they walked.

The conclusion? "Happy Feet" really do make my feet happy.

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