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Happy Feet Massaging Insoles provide cushioning to the entire bottom of your feet. As we age, there is an erosion of the fat pads on the bottom of our feet. Some people begin to lose this padding at an earlier age than others, and some never lose it. When this erosion begins to occur, certain bones in the bottom of the feet become closer to the skin often causing foot pain or discomfort. Happy Feet Massaging Insoles help considerably in the reduction of pain due to heel spurs, stone bruises, and pain suffered by individuals that spend long hours walking on hard surfaces. Click here for more information.

Massaging Action

Happy Feet Massaging Insoles offer a constant massage to the bottom of your feet.  With every step, the glycerin is moved forward, and as the ball of the foot descends, the glycerin moves back to the heel of the foot.  With this action there is a constant massage to the bottom of the feet as long as Happy Feet are in place.  There are approximately 4500 nerve endings in the bottom of the feet.  Every one of them leads to various parts of the body.  These nerve areas are set in small clusters and have a tendency to accumulate uric acid deposits.  The constant massaging action of Happy Feet can actually break down these deposits of uric acid crystals.  With continuous wear Happy Feet work constantly to dissolve these deposits.  Happy Feet pure glycerin is a dense consistancy, slower moving than other liquids.  This slower movement creates a deep massaging action which is very therapeutic.

Absorbs Shock

Happy Feet Massaging Insoles can dramatically reduce shock on the lower skeletal system.  Your foot actually "floats" on the Happy Feet Glycerin so the shock is absorbed by the Happy Feet insole, and not the ankles, knees, and lower back.

Reduces Fatigue

Working on hard floors can create tremendous fatigue in workers by the end of that long shift. Happy Feet Massaging Insoles provide resiliency that allows the wearer to end their long day of work feeling less fatigue in their lower body due to the combination of cushioning, massaging, and shock reduction.

Even Distribution of Weight 

"Fluid moves in response to pressure, to the area of least resistance and greatest need."....Archimedes, a 2500 year old principle of physics.  It is well known that liquid seeks its own level. The Happy Feet PURE Glycerin "floats"  the foot, allowing more even distribution of weight.  Foam, rubber, or plastic insoles are not able to "float" the foot.  Evenly distribution your weight also reduces the amount of friction on your feet, which can lead to relief from painful calluses, plantar warts, and excessive perspiration.